Hi Susie

Thanks again to you all for a very enjoyable RYA Coastal Skipper course in January. I was just hoping to follow up with you about your friend with the Hallberg-Rassy who was looking for crew for the ARC this year. I’d be very keen to get involved as I will be on my seasonal break from work over this period and would love to get some more sailing in. If he wants to know some details, I’m a 37 year old pilot and keen to get some transatlantic experience. I’m a good cook and, once upon a time, I was a qualified doctor (and I am a first aid instructor at the moment). Although I haven’t practiced medicine for about 11 years, should something go wrong mid Atlantic, I may have a better chance of providing some medical assistance. If he wants to know any more details, feel free to pass on my email and phone number. As of around March, I’ll be based in Mallorca.

All the best to Mark, Steve and Duncan. Thanks again for a great time. Hope the lads are getting on well with their Yachtmaster training. All the best David.

It was a pleasure to put David in touch with the owner of the Hallberg Rassy for the ARC 2018.