Fast Track Courses start first Monday every month

Fasttrack Yachtmaster is a 14 to 15 week live-aboard course, it can also be modular, to fit in with your own lifestyle. The options and prices below refer only to 14 week Fast Track Yachtmaster. We also run a Halftrack course 7 weeks RYA Yachtmaster Coastal for those with suitable experience. You can take time out during your course just ask.
We have been delivering Fast Track Yachtmaster training for 15 years we train in Barcelona and Gibraltar.

Fast Track Sailing Courses start 1st Monday every month no long wait for start dates call us and start immediately.

Shore Based Fast Track Accommodation Available

We also offer the Fast Track Yachtmaster Course with Shore based Accommodation either in a shared Marina Apartment, or an individual Marina Apartment, directly opposite our yachts. Prices vary depending on the time of year. All meals are still included and can be taken on board.

Fast Track Academy Training Barcelona Palamos Gibraltar Antibes Palma UK

If you’re looking for a career in the sailing industry, we will teach and refine your skills and when you’re ready, organise examinations for RYA / MCA qualifications; the minimum requirement for a Yacht Skipper working in the industry. Many of our students are now working in our diverse industry.

Qualifying requirements

Prior to the Fastrack Yachtmaster exam we will ensure you have achieved a minimum of 2,500 sea miles at least half of which will be tidal sailed with Blue Oyster Gibraltar. In reality you will log considerably more! Quality miles and expert tuition.

Career Opportunities are always available for Fully Qualified Crew & Skippers throughout the world.
  • Three Base Training Barcelona Palamos Spain, Gibraltar and Palma*
  • Don't get stuck in the same marina for months on end!
  • Minimum of 2,500 sea miles
  • Visit many different Marinas and Anchorages
  • Maximum 5 to a yacht (unless mile building)
  • Visiting France, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco and Portugal
  • Excellent shore-based facilities with classrooms, pools and restaurants nearby
  • Exam fees included
  • Full range of large modern yachts
  • Big boat handling on our Beneteau 473 and Bavaria 47 Cruisers
  • Courses start first Monday every month, so no long waits to fulfill your dream
  • Professional sailing on modern safe yachts in a warm and exciting sailing area. Enjoy sailing and enjoy living the dream!

It is recommended that you undertake an MCA medical examination prior to the course in order for you to commercially endorse your Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate... Contact us for details. You will need ML5 or ENG1 for Commercial Endorsement.

RYA Certificates for Commercial use are Recognised Worldwide

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Certificates with commercial endorsement and additional options for RYA Ocean Yachtmaster.

Total 14 Week Course Cost £8,995 - 14 weeks with full board, food & accommodation for the duration.

Fasttrack Yachtmaster Plus STCW 10 - 15 weeks, as above, total £9,995 includes RYA Powerboat 1 & 2 plus Stcw 10 Fire fighting, PSSR, Elementary First Aid, Sea Survival and PPR.

RYA/MCA Master 200gt Fastrack Yachtmaster Course 14 weeks fully inclusive

The course includes:

  • 14 weeks Full Board
  • Breakfast lunch and evening meals prepared onboard
  • DSC VHF Course
  • Own Berth (Shared Cabins only on mile building where necessary)
  • Fresh Bedding Every Week
  • Yacht Maintenance
  • Sail Care and Repair
  • Knots and Splicing
  • Sail Trimming
  • RYA Sea Survival*
  • RYA First Aid
  • BOS Radar*
  • BOS Diesel Engine Course*
  • STCW 10 Firefighting *
  • STCW 10 First Aid *
  • STCW 10 Personal Safety and Sea Survival *
  • STCW 10 GMDSS Radio *
  • Weather Course
  • Rigging and Tuning
  • 48 Foot Yachts for Perfomance and Comfort
  • Professional Full Time RYA Instructors 
  • Club House and WiFi Free Unrestricted Access
  • Low Cost Airport Transfers
  • Breaks when requested - Just ask
  • RYA Power Boat Level 2 with YachtmasterPLUS*
  • International Certificates Of Competence
  • Professional Practices and Responsibilities Course
  • CV and Careers Advice 
  • And all RYA courses, quality mileage, and skippered passages required for RYA Yachtmaster and all exam fees.

* Included in Fast Track YachtmasterPLUS

Fast Track Yachtmaster Programme

If you put in the study hours both on and off the water you can achieve the coveted RYA Yachtmaster qualification, known and respected throughout the world.

Course requirements

You will be more comfortable if you purchase your own life jacket and harness, waterproofs, and deck shoes. A Breton / Portland plotter or similar, dividers, notepads and pencils are essential tools of your trade. Please phone for advice before purchasing expensive items.

The first month is your introduction to the Fastrack Yachtmaster course, introduction to the base, and all aspects of safety.

Our Instructors will spend the first few weeks teaching you all aspects of the RYA Competent Crew Course, RYA Day Skipper Practical and RYA Day Skipper Theory. Sailing from our base in Barcelona Palamos with its excellent study and recreational facilities you will learn how to control and command the yacht, in a variety of different situations. 

  • Month one - Competent Crew to Day Skipper
Back to the classroom in Palamos

One week's study for your RYA Coastal Skipper Theory certificate, there will be tense moments, but our instructors are there 24/7 to help you reach the required standard; hard work but the challenge is worth it. We will give you as much time and help as necessary.

Passage to Gibraltar

You're now ready to join the passage to Gibraltar (we may choose to fly you to our next base) - a 600-mile Passage taking in a host of marinas and anchorages building up your sailing skills.

In Gibraltar you will continue with your sail training, close quarter yacht handling under power and sail, handling the yacht in extreme conditions and learning to manage your crew. 

  • 600+ mile passage to Gibraltar
  • A wealth of experience gained in marinas and anchorages en route
  • Close quarter yacht handling under sail and power
  • Visit Historic Queensway Quay Gibraltar
  • Sailing in The Straits Of Gibraltar
  • Visit The World Famous Waterfront Restaurant & Bar
  • Explore Gibraltar and Ocean Village
  • Visit Spain, Morocco and Portugal
  • Complete RYA MCA Qualifying Miles and Passages
  • Work as an active member of crew and learn how to Skipper
  • Continuous preparation for your Yachtmaster Offshore Assessment
  • Mile Building to Cadiz Chippiona Seville Lagos Ayamonte Tarifa Tangiers
  • Return to Barcelona Palamos for final weeks and Offshore Assessment

All students are finally ready to be prepared for the Yachtmaster Exam. The final few weeks will be intense, focusing on the weaker points to ensure you are well above the standard required. Now we are coaching you individually, those with perhaps a little prior sailing experience will be encouraged to sit the exam sooner, other students will benefit from one-to-one coaching. And finally the Big Day!

You will be so well prepared, having sailed so many quality sea miles, entered a host of different marinas, sailed tidal and non-tidal waters that, although maybe a little nervous, you’ll skipper with confidence.

The above is an outline of the course and is subject to change; with your commitment and your Spirit of Independence we will empower you with the skills to become a first class RYA Yachtmaster.

Fastrack Yachtmaster Plus £9995

STCW 10 Fastrack (Fast Track) Yachtmaster Plus - RYA Yachtmaster Syllabus Plus STCW 10 Barcelona, Palma/Antibes, Gibraltar

Fastrack Yachtmaster Plus* includes the 5 STCW 10 Modules below. The 5-day course excludes accommodation and transfers, prices on application. Included Power Boat 1 and 2 plus the (PPR) Professional Practices and Responsibilities Certificate a mandatory requirement for commercial Skippers. Master 200gt and above exempt.

Individual STCW 10 Modules are also available. *Fastrack Yachtmaster PLUS* costs *£9995*

Essential training for the professional marine industry, the five-day STCW Basic Safety Training package provides all those attending with the practical skills and knowledge to comply with the mandatory requirements of the four modules of STCW 10 basic training.

These are:

STCW 10 Personal Survival Techniques

Realistic, practical, sea-based training. Have you had the opportunity to test yourself working in salt water, working with strangers to organise yourself in a liferaft with plumes of water beating down on you? Our one-day STCW 10 Personal Survival Training course is run fortnightly.

Run by professional trainers who have really been there and done that, our training is a cut above other courses. Here you'll get the opportunity to jump into cold water, practice survival techniques in the sea and work with others to learn survival techniques. You will get the opportunity to test yourself in fully controlled, but more difficult conditions than those usually experienced in an indoor swimming pool.

Unlike real-life conditions, you'll be wearing dry-suits and thermal clothing, but we aim for all other parts of the course to be as realistic as possible.

STCW 10 Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention

On completion of the training, the trainee will have knowledge of the ways in which fires are caused and the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fire in ships. They will be able to

  • Maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency
    situations involving fires aboard ship
  • Fight and extinguish fires using fire fighting apparatus and
    appliances provided on board
  • Act as a member of a fire party, including use of
    self-contained breathing apparatus

STCW 10 Elementary First Aid

The following items are part of this course:

Develop competence in:

  • Taking immediate action upon encountering an accident or
    other medical emergency

Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency

  • Assessment of needs of casualty and threats to own safety
  • Appreciation of body structure and functions
  • Understanding of immediate measures to be taken in cases of emergency, including the ability to
    • Position casualty
    • Apply resuscitation techniques
    • Control bleeding
    • Apply appropriate measures of basic shock management
    • Apply appropriate measures in event of burns and
      scalds, including accidents caused by electrical current
    • Rescue and transport a casualty
    • Improvise bandages and use materials in emergency kit

STCW 10 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

To develop competence in:

  • Complying with emergency procedures
  • Taking precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment
  • Observing safe working practices
  • Understanding orders and being understood in relation to shipboard duties
  • Contributing to effective human relationships on board ship

Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency

  • Types of emergency which may occur, such as collision, fire foundering
  • Knowledge of shipboard contingency plans for responses to emergencies
  • Emergency signals and specific duties allocated to crew members in the muster list; muster stations; correct use of personal safety equipment
  • Action to take on discovering potential emergency, including fire, collision, foundering and ingress of water into the ship
  • Action to take on gearing emergency alarm signals
  • Value of training and drills
  • Knowledge of escape routes and internal communication and alarm systems
  • Effect of operational or accidental pollution of the marine environment
  • Basic environmental protection procedures
  • Importance of adhering to safe working practices at all times
  • Safely and protective devices available to protect against potential hazards aboard ship
  • Precautions to be taken prior to entering enclosed spaces
  • Familiarisation with international measure concerning accident prevention and occupational health
  • Importance of maintaining good human working relationships aboard ship
  • Social responsibilities; employment conditions; individual rights and obligations; dangers of drug and alcohol abuse

No One Sails Further For Your Sail Training - Mediterranean and Atlantic Fast Track Yachtmaster Academy

Fast Track Yachtmaster Facts FAQ Read additional Information here.

Barcelona Fast Track Yachtmaster - RYA Fastrack Sail Training Courses Barcelona Palamos Spain & RYA Qualifying Miles and Passages Gibraltar

The options and prices below refer only to 14 week Fast Track Yachtmaster. We also run a Halftrack course 7 weeks RYA Yachtmaster Coastal for those with suitable experience. You can take time out during your course just ask.

Total 14 Week Course with full board, food & accommodation for the duration.

£8,995 or €10745 per person

Fasttrack Yachtmaster Plus STCW 10 - 15 weeks, as above, total £9,995 includes RYA Powerboat 1 & 2 plus Stcw 10 Fire fighting, PSSR, Elementary First Aid, Sea Survival and Professional Practices and Responsibilities Course for Commercial Skippers and Yacht Crew. 

£9,995 or €11995 per person

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