RYA Recognised Training Centre & ICC Test Centre Barcelona Palamos - International Certificate of Competence ICC

Any British Citizen or British Resident sailing outside of the UK should have an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). The ICC is issued by the RYA after a practical and oral examination covering basic navigation, seamanship, and handling. It is very useful for skippers cruising in foreign waters and in particular if you are skippering a foreign-flagged vessel. Port Police expect to see your ICC and it is probably not worth arguing over the ins and outs of possessing it. We can also issue an ICC to some foreign nationals including North Americans, and anyone with a bona fida UK address. RYA ICC Certificates are valid for Sailing Yachts, Motor Cruisers and Power Boats. If you are resident in Spain we can issue and test for the Spanish ICC. 

International Certificate Of Competence revision includes:


1. Knows responsibility for keeping a proper lookout.

2. Can determine a safe speed.

3. Can recognise a potential collision situation.

4. Can identify a give way vessel in a collision situation.

5.Knows the actions to take to avoid a collision.

6. Knows responsibilities of a small boat in a narrow channel.

7. Can recognise sound signals.

8. Can make and recognise visual distress signals.


Is able to use and instruct the crew in the use of:

  • Lifejackets, distress flares, fire fighting equipment, kill cords.

Prepare for Sea

Can prepare a boat for sea including safety brief, engine checks, fuel load, loading, and weather information.

Coastal Waters

  • Rules of the Road, Pilotage, Navigation

Barcelona Sailing School International Certificate Of Competence (ICC) Sail to 24m plus Power Boat upto 10m

You can travel light our yachts include freshly laundered bedding. Breakfast and lunch aboard. Discounted parking is available at the base port of Club Nautic Costa Brava Marina Palamos.

We run it as a two day refresher course including test:

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Or test only (half day) at

£295 or €395 per person

The course is fully inclusive with  breakfasts and lunches. We supply bedding, wet gear, and all study material. 

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